A family of pre-built businesses to grow from any level!


Everything built to make sales + a mentor to help

$175, ONE TIME


Your store and guaranteed sales

You keep 100% of your profits. Don't worry about finding USA based suppliers either - when a business is built through VOLT we set you up with one of our own 96 USA based suppliers that offer CUSTOM BRANDED packaging!


Rare opportunities to take on market giant businesses

Prices vary, limited.


Your business data handled securely

The data of our businesses and clients are housed and handled by AXEL using blockchain technology. We make sure you have a business built on the most secure and highly guarded servers.


For full time, and multiple income channel setup

$1500, ONE TIME


Every Resource At Your Command

VOLT has some of the strongest partners in business, including AXEL. With some of the greatest creatives, renowned marketers, and deep analytic funnel builders, your business will be making income through many different channels: ads, platform, affiliates, data, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Start your own FULLY automated SMM Agency


Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between the ADV and pre-built plan?

The main differences are income levels and channels of income. Both plans are built beginner friendly so there is NOT a difference in difficulty. However, the ADV. plan not only brings in sales dropshipping, but also through AD revenues, content marketers, platform ads, affiliates etc. In other words, there are many more income channels and much more income generated in the advanced plan.

How long are mentors with me?

VOLT makes an effort to never leave you out to dry ~ so don't worry we'll assist even after mentorship ends but you can always continue it. THE pre-built plan comes with 2 full months of online mentorship with a Shopify Mentor. You can increase this with just $49 for 2 extra months. The ADV. plan comes with 6 full months of mentorship which also features conferences online and a team of 5 people working on your project.

What's the average time to make sales on the pre-built plan?

With DATA collected over the past 6 months clients on the pre-built plan are able to make sales within 1 week of being live. The sales do depend on the product selection ~ something you will cover with your mentor.


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